1What kind of soap should I use?
In dishwashers and washing machines, it is best to only use liquid or a gel; powdered soaps can build up in the tank. Some natural powder soaps might be ok.
2What kind of toilet paper should I use?
You should only use single ply toilet paper.
3Should I use additives in my tank?
When septic tanks are pumped and there is not a crust layer on top, water in middle layer and sludge on bottom tank probably needs bacteria. I use Roebic K-37 bacteria in my tank and Roebic K-57 in my distribution box, because we wash clothes with bleach and my well water is hard with maginese (minerals).
4How often should tanks be pumped?
1-3 years – depending on the amount of people in the house, if the house has water softener, if the house has a washing machine (some washing machines fill the tank with lint).
5Should I have baffles and distribution box checked for corrosion?

Yes, baffles are normally checked every time the tank is pumped by looking in the tank with a light or a mirror. If baffles are cement on older tanks, the outlet baffle can fall off.

Distribution Box is a box that connects the outlet pipe to the other pipes in the system. It should be checked when the house is 12-15 years old or older. Distribution Boxes last longer on houses on town water and corrode faster on well water or if water softener discharges into the septic tank.

6How big is my septic tank?

The average septic tank size is 1000 gallons until 1991, 1991 codes changed and houses built after 1991 are 1250 gallons or larger and new houses can have filters.

The septic design for your house should have tank size, type of system on it. The homeowner should design on a newer house, if not the town office in your town should have a copy.

Septic tank size is important. When you want to get an estimate for septic pumping.

7Front Load Washers
Front load washers use less water and discharge little or no lint, compared to most top load washer machines.
Medications can affect the operation of a septic tank, the antibiotics can slow down the bacterial growth of the septic tank. Septic systems function in a similar way as our bodies, and they can get ill too.

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