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Exceptional Results

  • Our Septic Tank Services +

    Services are prompt and professional; Frozen Pipes Thawed Small Backhoe Work D. Boxes Flushed Leach Field Vents Installed Septic Tanks Read More
  • What kind of soap should I use? +

    In dishwashers and washing machines, it is best to only use liquid or a gel; powdered soaps can build up Read More
  • What kind of toilet paper should I use? +

    You should only use single ply toilet paper. Read More
  • hould I use additives in my tank? +

    When septic tanks are pumped and there is not a crust layer on top, water in middle layer and sludge Read More
  • How often should tanks be pumped? +

    1-3 years – depending on the amount of people in the house, if the house has water softener, if the house Read More
  • Should I have baffles and distribution box checked for corrosion? +

    Yes, baffles are normally checked every time the tank is pumped by looking in the tank with a light or Read More
  • How big is my septic tank? +

    The average septic tank size is 1000 gallons until 1991, 1991 codes changed and houses built after 1991 are 1250 Read More
  • Front Load Washers +

    Front load washers use less water and discharge little or no lint, compared to most top load washer machines. Read More
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